I’m On The Kelp


No it’s not a euphemism.
I have been prescribed Kelp as a means
to counter an under-active Thyroid.

A condition that popped up out of the blue
just recently.
I suspect that the onset of an under-active Thyroid
is linked to me taking my new meds for my Depression
– mirtazapine.

Not that I’m worried.
An under-active Thyroid is a fair trade
for ridding myself
of the desire to be dead!

I’ve done quite bit of research
– like here and here and here
and found a lot of the data
that I came across when researching my decision to Quit Sugar,
is relevant to my current thyroid condition.



Today is Day One.

I persist with the Kelp tablets for 60 days,
have another blood test
for TFT + T3 + TPO,
and see if the added iodine (via the Kelp)
has improved the health of my Thyroid.

Fingers crossed, peeps.







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