THIS Is Why I Haven’t Killed Myself


I was deeply upset to hear yesterday morning that
the amazing
Charlotte Dawson had died.

She had committed suicide.

An absolute goddess

An absolute goddess

Charlotte was a champion for Mental Illness in Australia.
she had a true sense of humour,
she was brave
and was a very genuine person.

She was also loved
by truly brave and inspirational women.
Because she was ‘real’.

Plus she would poke fun at the fact that she had botox
– you gotta love her just for that!

At the time that I became aware of her death
– none of which mentioned the word ‘suicide’ –
I didn’t click on any of the online media links.

I knew from the tone of the titles/headings,
that she had committed suicide.

I had watched in horror in 2012,
when Charlotte was vilified via
social media.

She was trolled.
She was bullied.
She was attacked.

It was utter bullshit.

I HATE the way we treat strong beautiful women in our society.
Women attacking women.
Men attacking women.

As a society – we are PATHETIC !!!

If you have a friend or even an acquaintance who you know
through their own honesty and bravery,
suffers from or lives courageously with
a Mental Illness

  1. Send them a small card or note in the post
  2. Send them a photo of you both (smiling or whooping it up) via email or SMS
  3. Call them and if necessary just leave a message to say “Hi. Love you”
  4. Blog about their beautiful personality and strength

Here are some tributes to an amazing woman,
who should STILL BE WITH US !!!

*  Mrs Woog speaks about her mate Charlotte
*  Bec @ mamamia talks about how she came to really respect Charlotte, and,
how as a society we have let Charlotte down
*  Channel Seven – with a real & proper conversation about depression (quite refreshing)
*  Another Channel Seven weekend piece – a good discussion about bullying & depression

“She knew she was loved. She didn’t love herself enough”
Jonathan Morrisson

Do you have a Mental Illness?
Do NOT feel like you are alone.

Contact someone who will listen to you right now . . .

Lifeline – Call 13 11 14 – (24 hour support via phone)
The Community Brave Foundation (online Bullying)
Beyond Blue – Call 1300 22 4636 or go online to ‘chat’
Black Dog Institute – find a Support Group that is YOU

I’m very sorry that you were not given the right ‘things’ that you needed to survive with depression.

I genuinely wish that you had.

The very reason that you killed yourself,
is the very reason I haven’t and won’t.

I believe
that somehow,
by surviving Depression,
I am in fact providing a real hope for someone else in the future.

I may not know what my ‘purpose’ is – yet,
but if I leave now,
then I never will.







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  1. your message is inspiring. as someone living with an mental illness it really struck accord. There should be more debate on depression and mental illness in our society and anyone who is willing to shine a light on this is a hero to me.

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