Despite the torment and solitude,
I just can’t imagine a life lived as ordinary.

Living without passion,
or want.

As humans,
our time of stay on this Earth
doesn’t even register.

40,000 years, and we don’t take up a millimetre of space on the Earth’s Timeline.

We are THAT infinitesimal.
More microscopic, than minuscule!

And knowing this,
I have to live my life as
colourfully, brightly and creatively as I can.

I have to use every atom,
every sinew
to create.

MY *Asthma* may be ever present,
but it isn’t who I am.

I am budding flowers,
the light shone through dragonfly wings,
the taste of freshly cut watermelon.

I am the notes in my favourite song,
the wag of a dog’s tail,
the colours of tropical coral and fishes.

I cannot be ordinary.

It’s not me!




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