Managing My *Asthma*: Part 1


I believe that I am very responsible
in facing and dealing
with my *asthma*.

I have never pretended that I don’t have *asthma*.
I have NEVER pretended that I am ‘cured’.

I acknowledge that *asthma*
is a legacy of my childhood
and is probably hereditary.

I take my preventative medication,
and do my best.

BUT . . . . . . . . . .
there is so much more I can
(and do)
do for myself to help keep my *asthma* under control. .

Here are some of techniques I use . . .

– – – – – 1 – – – – –

For years and years,
I have kept a close eye on my alcohol intake.

I have a rule – that I am not allowed to drink at home,
Alcohol is a BIG part of my childhood,
and using it as a crutch is not an option.

I am also acutely aware of the physical effects
it has on my own *asthma* symptoms.
Instead, I choose to partake of a tipple on certain occasions
always with another person – a social drink!

– – – – – 2 – – – – –

Quite by accident,
I discovered that I had invented a wonderfully joyous manner
in which to deal with incidental bouts of *asthma*
with this simple technique . . .

Look Up!

When I was in my 20’s
I would quite often stop and look up.

At the clouds in contrast with the blueness of the sky.

I love looking at the different types of clouds.
It spins me out that they can be so different and mean such different things

Cirrus spissatus undulatus

Cirrus spissatus undulatus



I regularly stop to look at a flock of birds moving.

Where are they going?
Are they migrating?
Are they just stretching their wings?

Specifically, I am always on the lookout for Wedgetailed Eagles,
as they are a majestic bird.
I LOVE them.


A Wedgie launching



– – – – – 3 – – – – –

I read.

Books have always been a MASSIVE part of life.

I was a High School Library Teacher for 15 years.
My Mum was a Librarian for over 30 years.
I have always collected childrens’ Picture Books for myself
– they’re so beautiful, and magical, and funny!!!

My favourite fiction genres are:
* Horror
* Crime
* Adventure
* Supernatural
* Romance
* Historical

lately I have reading a totally different ‘kind’ of book.

I guess you would categorize them as “Self Help”,
but they are a bit less generic than that,
for me anyway.

It started with,
“I Quit Sugar”, by Sarah Wilson.
Then I read,
“Sweet Poison”, by David Gillespie
and then,
“Make Every Man Want You” by Marie Forleo
and also,
“She Took On The World”, by Natalie MacNeil

I Quit Sugar

I Quit Sugar

I have also begun reading some journals for the first time in 20 years.
Particularly, I have read “New Scientist” & “Time”.

And what impact has this re-immursion into reading had?

I have had to learn to face
some seriously difficult aspects of my personality
and reminded me that my ‘journey’ if far from over.

these written materials have also given me a number of new tools to use,
and have ultimately led me to believe that it is time,
once again,
for me to start seeing a psychologist.


– – – – – * – – – – –


MM*A*: Pt 2

may include

Drastic diets







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