Sinking Ship


I don’t know if I have the energy to write this post.


My depression is pretty bad,
but it’s my total lack of ‘give a shit’
that’s the problem.

I’m bored
I’m tired
I’m melancholy


I watched a program via iView this morning,
that gave me a little bit of a ‘zhoozh’.

I’ve tried finding a universal link online for y’all,
but to no avail!

It was an episode of Country House Rescue
from Channel 4
Season Three
Episode 4

about a beautiful English estate called
Trereife House.

The Blurb

The Blurb


What struck me
is that the real story here
is a family that has tried
to make things work.

It’s quite incredible the energy spent trying to make a success of the endeavour.
They tried SO hard.

But they kept failing.

Then they tried AGAIN.

And again!
And again!

When my depression is ‘present’
it’s storied like these that remind me
that my depression is a
physical condition
whereby my body does not produce enough quantities of serotonin, etc.


a mental condition
whereby I am being weak or not positive enough or feeling sorry for myself.

Even with all my reading and study and investigation
I still forget what I am going through.

No wonder the rest of society has a problem with it !!!



here’s a follow-up of the
progress of the family and their home.





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