Building A Tipi


Every Thursday afternoon, for a couple of hours
I look after two boys
to give their Mum a bit of respite.

One boy is 6, and the other is 8.
They are both real boys!
They yell, and punch and get seriously physical.

Each time I see them I try to think of something
and something
to do do with them.

We’ve done
* painting
* a “Me” album
* card games
* melted crayons
* glass etching
* bush walking
* woodwork
and a few other bibs ‘n bobs.

But yesterday we went to the creek at the back of their property
I know! How lucky are they?!?
and did some work on their cubby house.

It’s awesome!

Bit by bit they have been building it,
with both their Mum & Dad.

It basically a lean-to
made from large and small branches,
propped up against a tree.

It looks like a tipi.

It looked a little something like this. A little ;)

It looked a little something like this.
A little 😉

I knew it was there,
and had planned to go there with the boys.

I brought ribbons and wool and scissors
and we decorated it.

I told the boys that Native American Indians
would decorate their own tipis with feathers and beads, etc
to bring good spirits and fortune to their lives. ***

We also added some more
a lot more, actually
branches to the structure.

Except for the marauding mosquitoes,
we had so much fun.

It was so awesome!

I forgot what it felt like to just ‘muck around’.

Seriously, when was the last time you just played like a kid?

mud pies with leaves & twigs & stuff,
built a fort out of bed sheets and dining chairs,
create a sandcastle in the sand pit?

When is the last time
you acted like a kid?


*** I do not claim to be any kind of expert on American Indian culture,
but instead used this opportunity to talk to the boys
about another culture in another time.


History/Background on decorated tipis




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