Easily, The Worst Thing About Depression is . . .


. . . the part of the body that it affects.

Think about it.

It doesn’t affect the
* pancreas
* neural receptors
* spine
* muscular system
* kidneys
* lungs
* heart

It affects the chemical releases from our

that determines our MOOD
or emotional state.

So – to the outside world, we don’t have trouble
breathing, or
producing insulin, or
pumping blood, or
controlling muscle movement, or

Instead, to the outside world, it looks like we
are overly emotional, and
cry too much, and
takes things too personally, and
cannot control our emotions, and
we are weak !!

To me . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . the WORST thing about depression,
is that my emotional responses are out of my control
and VERY few people are able to understand and process this.

To the outside world,
I just look like a sooky-la-la.




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