I Know I Have a Social Handicap, What’s Your Excuse?!?


Over the past few weeks I have regularly bumped into a woman who I nurtured through a serious case of Anxiety, five years ago.

At first, she appeared happy to see me.
She stopped and chatted for a little while until time forced us both to move on.

We never really chatted after that. I put it down to circumstance and lack of time.

Until today.

I accompanied a 4y.o. boy to a classmates birthday party, and she was there with her eldest child. Despite two hours of being able to chat, she appeared to avoid me. It wasn’t until the last game of musical bobs that I realised she was also avoiding making eye contact with me.

So I have to ask – What The FiretrUCK?!?

Sure, you can prescribe to the notion that she may have been embarrassed by our previous relationship – except I have a lot of evidence to the contrary dating back a few years.

And she is well aware of my **asthma**.
She is one of hundreds of people that I have told about my battle, journey and ongoing illness, so she knows I have no prejudice against any form of **asthma**.

The thing is, I know that I am not a perfect Social Specimen.
I probably have my foot in my mouth, more than I have it at the end of my leg.

I try a lot,
but I fail more!

even with this in mind I don’t understand why I seem to constantly ‘lose’ friends and acquaintances
and why so many people have shunned me in my life.

Aside from the obvious . . . . . WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME ? +++




**Asthma** is code for Clinical Depression




+++ This is a rhetorical question.
Seriously, I will be devastated if I get a list
. . . . especially if it’s accurate 😉





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