Hey Bitch !!!


Last week I was in my local Mitre 10
– a hardware store for those not of Oz –
with two short people,
and the smaller of the two,
who is only 4 years old,
piped up with . . .

. . .  “You’re a Bitch”.

Funny thing –
it happened as we were leaving
right at the checkouts
which happened to have
a long queue
of people.

Oh Joy!
An audience !!!

the ‘old’ Pia
– the one who suffered from ALL encompassing *asthma* –
would have freaked out.

I would have puffed up my chest,
like a bull about to charge the matador,
deepened my voice,
and made some very serious threats.


: (


This time around,
I was so calm
that had I been watching
I would have been VERY afraid.

I made an audible gasp,
looked directly at the profaner
and said quietly,
“I am so disappointed in you”.

Holy mackerel!

Who knew that these words were so powerful?!?

I had the most contrite
and apologetic
short person
all afternoon.

Having learned a VERY powerful lesson that day,
I will be repeating
this form of behaviour management
in the future.

you have to be made aware,
that this particular short person
actually registers on the Autism Spectrum,
and although the
comment could be seen as wilful and malicious,
was actually part of a coping mechanism
that is still to be guided and helped into a
more socially acceptable forum.

Patience peeps – a very precious commodity!

*asthma* = code for
clinical depression


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  1. I have an autistic seven yr. old. the best re-enforcer for him is telling him that I’m proud of him. I guess the flip side would be telling him that I’m disappointed when he does something bad.

    • Thanks Wade
      As it wasn’t the purpose of the post – I didn’t mention my ‘positive’ comments that I use with my 4y.o.
      And I couldn’t agree with you more . . . showing/confessing pride to this short person, certainly has a wonderful impact. Our ‘Reward System’ is actually based on moments-of-pride (self and external).
      Thanks so much for your feedback.

      Pia xxx

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