Puppy or Bitch?


You know when someone
says something really bitchy to you
and you have to have
a conversation in your head . . .

“. . . .  did she just
throw out a total bitch comment
or is she asking an innocent question
like a clueless puppy?”

At first you think
you’re the bitch
for thinking that their comment may be bitchy,
but then you realise they
totally WERE being a bitch!

Today I was in the chemist
getting a refill
for my antidepressants,
and one of the ladies behind the counter
– who has known me for nearly 10 years –
made a comment about my hair.

“I always have to look twice at you now Pia,
since you died your hair
from blonde to dark”

which one is your natural colour?”


Have you ever had a bitchy comment levelled at you,
and didn’t realise until later.

Tell me . . . make me feel a bit better 😉







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  1. Loads but I let it roll like water off a ducks back why should I allow them to infect me with negativity because they can not adjust to a change I have made??

    Hugs Pia sometimes people get set in their ways and find it hard to adapt when we change something. You are Amazing woman never forget it!!

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