The Scorpion & The Frog


I was doing some blog surfing
which is how
I often stumble across support and inspiration.

When I’m surfing
avoiding doing real work
I try to keep an open mind,
about what I can learn,
what wisdom other people are prepared to share,
the painful life experiences that are bravely aired online . . .

. . . . I am often gifted with a pearl here and there.

Like tonight.
I went to a website I haven’t visited in over 9 months
and came across the following piece of writing
by writer Kelly Diels.
who by-the-bye writes a blog called “Cleavage“.
Wicked !!!

Kind Over Matter: Admitting the Awful Truth

It meant a lot to me.

I have a LOT of scorpions in my life.
I’ve survived a LOT of stings.

You deserve it


Read that important bit again . . . .


they can't



So tell me,
do you have close friends or family members
who are scorpions too?

How do you cope with the tragedy of this reality?

How do you survive it?




The Scorpion & The Frog

There’s a fire.
All the animals and insects and creepy-crawlies rush away from the blaze to the river’s edge.
They’ve got to cross the river to get away from the fire. To get to safety.

The scorpion asks the frog to carry him across the river.

The practical frog says no. He says “You’ll sting me.”

The even more practical scorpion says, “No, I won’t.
If I sting you, you’ll die, and if you die, then we’ll both drown.
So obviously, I’m not going to sting you.”

The frog sees the logic – of course the scorpion is self-interested,
and because of his desire to survive, won’t sting the frog – and agrees.
And of course our frog wants to save the day.
He wants to save the world!
He’s a reasonable, kind-hearted frog.

Yes, he’ll swim across the river with the scorpion on his back.

Halfway across the river, however, the scorpion stings the frog.
As the frog is dying and they’re both drowning, the frog cries,
“But why? Now we’re both going to die…why did you sting me?”

The scorpion says, “I’m a scorpion. It’s my nature.”.



Picture Source: KidBrainer




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  1. I think you learn to realise the bitterness and stings lie within them, the only thing you can control is how you react and if you choose to buy into how they view you. Harder when you suffer depression because the depression voice says stuff like ‘your mother is right’ or ‘ you are just x x or y’. Lots of hugs Pia

    • Amanda – you are so wise.
      How I react to their ‘stings’ is totally in my control.
      The challenge of course, is admitting that people you have loved all your life are in fact scorpions. It has to be one of life’s most painful personal hurdles.
      Thanks, as always, for your support.

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