I don’t ever think to write about any
Random Acts of Kindness
that I perpetuate.

You see,
I don’t view them as RAKs.

It’s just who I am.

I see something nice that can be done.
I happen to be there at the time.
I can do it.
I do!

Old Tins

This morning,
in the supermarket,
I saw a Mum & a Dad
struggling BIG TIME
with a squealing and really distressed toddler.

The Mum was just standing breathing heavily with barely held patience.

The Dad was trying ever so hard to distract the bub.

People were looking.

I got my 2 lt milk,
made sure I came back down the aisle that I knew
(could hear where)
they were.

The Dad had just walked
away with the screaming child in arms
and the Mum was just catching her breath ready to continue the weekly shop.

I went straight up to her
looked her in the eye
and put my hand on her upper arm.

“Are you ok?”

“Yes, she’s just tired”

“You did so well. Keep up the good work”

Quiet smile.






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