Penultimate Trigger


Everyone has ‘triggers’

* anger
* excitement
* fear
* passion
* depression


If we’re talking about my depressions
which we are
then I have to admit that the second worst ‘trigger’ I have
for my depressions is

I grew up in a situation that was the opposite of affluent,
with a Mum who worked bloody hard,
and still always struggled to make ends meet.

And although I have had long periods without money
like the last 6 years
I have had periods where I was
– what I considered –

This past month
that wealth has been destabilised
and my depression has been spiralling out of control.

I am trying ever so hard to be brave
and intelligent
and hopeful.

I really am !!!

But it’s fucking difficult.

Sometimes I wish I could become a hermit on a piece of property out bush,
and never have to be a part of this cruel and savage, ‘civilisation’.

Click on photo for source

Click on photo for source

Sorry peeps.

I know I am being a sooky lala.

It happens !





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