One of my Top Ten favourite dance songs,
it is SO relevant to my life with Depression . . .

Turn your speakers up LOUD 


In the past my Insomnia has left me debilitated.
Night after night
I would struggle to get proper sleep
and would wake the next day simply exhausted.

I would then be drawn like a zombie to my bed,
mid afternoon
only to repeat the pattern of insomnia that night.

And so on . . .

Arghhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!

But lately I have been paying attention to my body
as a bi-product of the
“I Quit Sugar” program.

And I have made two
important discoveries.

If I sit on my computer
* for any longer than 5 hours in a day
* in the two hours before I go to bed
I am GUARANTEED to have insomnia that night.


I have experimented this past week and a half.
And sure enough,
by cutting back my contact with The Screen
I have made some serious inroads with my inability to enter “The Land of Nod”.

this is not all.

Quite by accident, I discovered that
– ok, this next bit of info is WEIRD, but it is what it is –
if I sleep with a light pillow over my eyes and ears
– YES!, a pillow on my head! –
then I slept a deeper slumber, than a Beauty in mythology.


And for the record, I never claimed to be normal!







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