Bros Before Hos


Easily, one of  THE most offensive phrases used in our society.

Seriously, what’s worse here?

That being a whore is a bad thing
that your girlfriend is a whore?

I mean, let’s get real  . . .
. . . . without prostitutes there would be
of men throughout history who would have died virgins.

In the past four years,
I have had to consider
whether or not
I could sleep with men for money.

My situation with an income became so dire
that it was almost my last option.

It was an EXTREMELY confronting
inner dialogue

When I have discussed this issue with male friends,
I have often been told that I am overreacting.

However, I often counter this by asking them;
do you seriously want some teenage boy
to call your 13 year old daughter a ‘ho’?

Suddenly it’s a different topic!!!


Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary

Don’t you just love the misspelling
and the limp attempt to minimise the offense to women?
” . . . with no intention of calling the female friend a ho”.

Although it is often women who fight this issue and who take the largest offense,
I strongly believe that it is MEN
who ultimately need to fight ‘the good fight’.

It’s THEIR reputation!!!

Ask Men . . indeed !?!

AskMen . . indeed !?!

So how do we fight this issue?
How do we make it change?

Well . . . we need the men in our culture to step up.
We need them to see how it affects
the women that they love.
their Mums, daughters, aunts, girlfriends, wives, sisters, cousins, Grandmothers.

20 Years old, and thinks he has wisdom to share. So precious!

20 Years old,
and thinks he has wisdom to share.
So precious!

Ask a man:
“Do you think your Grandmother is a whore?”
“Would you ever say to your Grandfather, ‘Bros before Hos’?”

The Attitudes  when we  DON'T address this issue!

The Attitudes
when we
DON’T address this issue!

“Slam pieces”
You read it correctly, 

this genius
labels women as “Slam pieces”.
Classy, don’t you think?

When “Bros before hos”
is scripted into a mainstream
and generally
intellectual & witty program,
such as ‘Big Bang Theory’,
then we are in big, BIG trouble.



It’s time for change, people.




Side Note,
when I was researching this topic
and was looking for the female equivalent,
you know what I found?

Sister Before Misters“!!!

Or even the visual yet still not derogatory:
“Chicks before Dicks”.


So where do you stand on this issue?

Am I being a ‘nanna’
or do you think the term “Bros before Hos”,
just should not exist in our culture’s vernacular?

I’d love to hear your opinion.
Especially you guys out there !




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