Dating Doldrums


Recently I made the decision to dip my toe back into the Dating Pool.

It’s been over twelve months since the Polar Bear & I parted company,
and to be honest – I am totally fangin’ for some physical contact.

So . . . I did the modern thing and joined a couple of online dating sites.

I am not a fan of this type of personal introduction service.
I believe it’s fraught with negative behaviour modelling and reinforces physical stereotypes.

I also think it can be very detrimental to someone who is;
* shy
* not physical stunning
* a bad speller/typist
* unable to articulate/write
* physically isolated
* sensitive to rejection

I am desperate
as I do not have a wide circle of friends
and ‘introductions’ really don’t happen in our society any more.

So, these are the photos I posted of myself.
They’re the only photos I can find of myself that I like

I am prepared to admit that some of them are a little old (cough, splutter).

This photo is 7 years old

This photo is 7 years old

This photo is 8 years old

This photo is 8 years old

Photo taken in early 2013

This photo is 5 years old

I think this one is 5 years ago?!?

I think this one is 5 years ago?!?

This one is about 4 months old - so it's the only recent photo

This one is about 4 months old – so it’s the only recent photo

Skiing - 8 years ago.

Skiing – 8 years ago.

So how do you think I went?
Anyone game to hazard a guess?

I will give you a little hint . . . after 6 weeks I am still
VERY single!

I’ll tell you some stories in a couple of days ;0




3 responses »

    • Thank you gals.
      As I will reveal in the next few posts, I’m not sure I have the ‘mettle’ to do online dating.
      Appreciate the support though. As always.
      ❤ Pia

  1. Need some more gorgeous current pics!!!! And online dating is hell, just remember take your time the bad ones have a way of revealing themselves over time as do the liars and the cheats and do not take anything anyone says too seriously until you meet them in person. Wishing you much luck online dating has me rather cynical to the point I have no online dating profiles at present though am thinking of getting back on the treadmill again because I would really like to meet someone or at least go on a real date its been years. Lots of squishy hugs and luck hope you meet some of the really great guys that are out there.

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