Bloody Immigrants




PLEASE NOTE –  If you can not recognise sarcasm, then you’re reading the wrong blog!


Sneaky foreigners . . . 'hiding' HALAL behind the fake ivy!!!

Sneaky foreigners . . . ‘hiding’ HALAL behind the fake ivy!!!


Halal: A word that spreads fear amongst the Anglo world



I spent my entire existence embedded with a fear and guilt and disgust at the attitude of my beloved Country,
towards ANYONE (everyone?!?)
who comes from another culture/country.

The Australian media are famous for coining the phrase “Illegal Immigrant”.


Because we were colonised by a bunch of ‘whitees’ who decade after decade, century after century,
generation after generation expoused the notion that ‘difference is dangerous’. . . .

* Skin
* Food
* Music
* Language
* Philosophy (religion)
* Dance
* Method of mourning

I am the daughter of an immigrant.
My Mum is from South Africa.

I was just lucky** enough that my Mum has strong Western European physical features.

Ed Note:
I was in high school from 1983-1987.

Apartheid in South Africa ceased in 1994,
However the strongest world-wide opposition to apartheid 
began with international bans & sanctions by Western Democracies in 1985.

BUT . . . .
. . . . . . . . . I was repeatedly taunted in high school that
my Mum HAD to be racist
as she was a white woman from a country
that openly oppressed the majority of blacks.

Please tell me that you can see the irony
that I was being judged the daughter of a racist
which in itself was a racist taunt?????

I even had the gall to call her a racist based on this very same argument.

It’s ok to call me a “fuck-wit” under your breath.
I was, after all!!!!

I have also physically, mentally and emotionally fought
through every cognitiviely-aware year that I have lived on this Earth,
the ‘education’ I have received via the media and government.

It is a daily struggle to be unaffected and clear headed about
immigrations, refugees, other cultures and multiculturalism.


and this is a BIG ‘but’:
I am grateful EVERY SINGLE DAY
of my life,
that I have enough intelligence
to question
what I read and hear.

it means I am exposed to wonderful opportunity and delight.

All sorts.

* Food
* Music
* Language
* Philosophy
* Dance
* Other customs

Wonderful things
like scrum-diddly-umptious
(and down right healthy!!!)
Halal prepared
Chicken Kebab with The Lot, tabooli and turkish delight.
All handmade on site at my local Kebab shop.

thank you Murat.

Murat,from Erzurum, Turkey

from Erzurum, Turkey

For coming to my country in 1996
and bringing your wife and your 17 day-old son, Serdar (your father’s name)
and for moving to my town in 2013 with Serdar
and your second son, Ali Baran.

And thank you to your cousins
Hankan (2010) & Emirhan (2011) for joining him.
So that I can enjoy the beautiful culture from your native Kurdish Turkey .


Busso's Kurdish Boys:Ali Baran + Murat + Serdar + Hankan

Busso’s Kurdish Boys:
Ali Baran + Murat + Serdar + Hankan


I am so very grateful that you came!



MR Kebab Turkish Bakery:Kent Street, Busselton, Western AUSTRALIA

MR Kebab Turkish Bakery:
Kent Street, Busselton, Western AUSTRALIA



** when I say ‘lucky’, I mean it in the sense that other people would consider that I was lucky not to be born with another coloured skin.




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    • Glenda
      Thank you sooooooooo much for saying so. My ‘traffic’ quadrupled on the day after I published this post, but you are the ONLY soul to leave a message.
      Thank you. xoxox

      PLUS – I’m chuffed you share my p.o.v.

      Only two days ago I heard an acquaintance say that immigrants (he was referring to Muslims) shouldn’t be allowed to come here (Australia) if they’re from a war torn region (like Iraq) – because it means they are cowards: for running away and not staying fighting. !!!
      I shit-you-not! That was his argument.
      I literally had no response.

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