Livin’ In My White Bread World


I don’t need to be told that I think too much.
I know.
I really do!

Problem is – I have a greater fault . . . .

. . . . I feel too much.

Big time!

Since my early 30’s I have been physically conscious of the fact that I was born:
* white
* in a democratic country
* with a wealth of natural resources
* with free education
* and legally speaking, the same rights as men.

When I could just as easily have been born in
* Thailand
* Somalia
* South Africa
* Brazil
* Cambodia
* China
* India
* Afghanistan
* etc, etc etc . . . .

I am tangibly aware that I was not stolen, abused or sold.

I’ve never been forced to hold a gun
I’ve never been forced into prostitution
I’ve never had to walk through a rubbish tip to find items to sell so that I can eat that night.

I HAVE been poor.
I HAVE been suicidal.
I HAVE been close to having to resorting to prostitution.
I HAVE been hungry.
I HAVE gone without the necessities, like water, electricity, heating, etc.

And STILL, I have nothing to complain about.

On the weekend I watched the Hollywood blockbuster “End of Watch”,

Click on photo to go to Official Website

Click on photo to go to Official Website

which pricked me with the white-bread reality of my existence
as opposed to the gun-fueled, drug saturated and poverty ridden existence
of the ‘baddies’ in this film.

Then, last night
I accidentally caught this program while channel surfing on my tv.

I work with autistic children every day.
I’ve even worked with a self abusive little boy
(my beloved little MrL)
while on the Autistic Bus.

BUT – I will never be subjected to the utter hopeless misery
Sun Chao’s mother (Sun Bingli)
must face every day and night,
even in her dreams.

I feel sick at how lucky I am.

I have NO reason to complain.



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