Pay It Forward


Yesterday (Easter Saturday) I was subject to
one of the most touching experiences of my life.

I was at the checkout at Woolies,
with $18 worth of groceries
and the EFTPOS machine kept saying ‘declined’ + ‘contact wbankers‘.

Now I KNEW I had enough money in the bank, as I had checked my balance the previous day,
had spent no money in the meantime,
and KNEW that I had no deductions or payments coming/owing.

Silly Pia!!!

My bank (the ANZ)
decided for reasons known only unto themselves
that despite taking $1365 out of my account only a week before
leaving me with $327 until my next pay
they should in fact
on Good Friday
withdraw $275 from my account
without warning or notice.


So – there I am, standing at the checkout
a red glow spreading across my cheeks,
knowing that I only have about $13 worth of shrapnel in my purse,
I say to the uninterested checkout chick;
“I don’t have enough cash. I’ll have to put something back”.

across my shoulder floats a $20 note
as a woman
** a total stranger **
“Pay it forward, Happy Easter”.

I know I must have looked like a total numbnut
with a look of both shock and delight
on my face.

I tried to protest and thank her for the offer at the same time
but she would have none of it.

She insisted, simply repeating
“Pay it forward one day.
It’s important”.

I nodded and mumbled something inane like,
“of course”.

The checkout chick took the cash with little care as to where it came from.

I leaned across to the woman and kissed her on the cheek
and said a simple
“Thank you”.

Then I walked out of the supermarket not knowing whether to smile or burst into tears.

I smiled.

NO – I beamed!

So . . . . THANK YOU
to the lovely lady who paid for my fruit juice, yogurt and gluten-free corn chips.


Happy Easter everyone.

Click on this image to see many gorgeous images

Click on this image to see many gorgeous images




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