Equal Parts


I am equal parts

angry and forgiving,

loving and depressed,

filled with despair,

overflowing with passion,

hoping for acceptance

dreaming of change

I am utterly fucking confused as to,
who I really am!

I don’t fit anywhere and I make so many people uncomfortable.

I wish I could be invisible but still feel and touch the things that make me smile.

I yearn to love someone. Anyone.

I cry every time I see a newborn baby.

I am desperate to hold and cherish a man, or a sibling or a friend or a child.

I wear black everyday,
but am seen as sunshine and exploding colour by everyone I work with.

It’s seems that it’s just my insides that are frozen inside a cold shadow.

. . . . .

I wish I didn’t have to blow my nose so much.
I’m sure that my nostrils are bigger than when I was a kid 😦

Brunette 26.3.13

Brunette 26.3.13


Blonde 24.9.12

Blonde 24.9.12


Blonde or Brunette? Which do you prefer?




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