Grateful Diary


For at least twenty years,
on and off,
I have kept a daily diary
of three to five things in my life
that I am grateful for.

You know the kind of thing I’m referring to.
At the end of each day
you compile a short list of positive things
that you are grateful for in your life.

The diary helps one to focus on optimistic thoughts
rather than negative or pessimistic aspects of one’s life.

Since the Polar Bear and I broke up mid-2012,
and since losing access to my beloved eldest nephew,
I have tried to focus on three daily positives.

Last night I hit rock bottom when my list of three was;
1. I have the potential to work
2. I have clean water
3. I have a fairly good level of health.

Now please do forgive me if I sound a little trite, but . . .

. . . am I scraping the bottom of the ‘happiness barrel’, or what?!?



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