Dinner and a Show


On Saturday night I went to my GF’s (Sally) for dinner.
We just had cooked chook and salad – a very simple affair.

Chicken & Salad

Chicken & Salad

It was stinking hot,
still 28* at 7:30pm,
as we sat down to eat.

Thankfully Sally has aircon.
Thank you god!

While we were chomping on our chicken,
we had a surprise acrobatic performance
unfurl on the glass sliding door
next to the dining table.

Circ du Frog

Circ du Frog

Now I am a massive fan of frogs.
If you have them in your garden, then
you have a healthy environment.

Plus they’re kind cool 😉

But this guy!
He was a total showoff!!!

He moved all over the glass door,
showing us his long, gangly legs
and displaying elongated fetlocks.

this little guy has some serious stretch happening
in the back leg department.

Sally and I were pissing ourselves
as he meandered
all over the shop.

And all of it totally free of charge.
Not a bad way to spend a Saturday night.



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