If I Remove Myself


A lot of the emotional pain I feel
really isolates me as a person.

It not only makes me feel different
others also see me differently.

And we all feel this way
from time-to-time,
don’t we?

I mean,
being a teenager is like being an alien.
Being pregnant
is like morphing into another species.
Having an illness or disease
is like being invisible!

We all experience ‘Life Events’
with varying degrees
of support.

I seem to keep evolving into
a more and more

I keep trying to reach out to people . . .

. . . . to the girls I love on my forum

. . . . . to my family

. . . . . . to friends.


I just don’t seem to be able to make a connection.



So, more and more often, I find that I am removing myself from social interaction.

Removing myself from the possibility of connecting with others.


It’s less lonely, than attempting to connect . . .
. . . and being held at arms length.


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