I know I go on and on, like a pathetic little middle class white girl


how I have been ‘ripped off’

in life.


I know I need to get over myself.


I remind myself all the time about how lucky I actually am to have been born
middle class
without handicap.


The truth is
I am still
so lost.

I haven’t been my true self in so many years.

I have become the person I despised quite intensely
while I was growing up.

You know who I mean!

And the only person who can make the change needed
so that I am
no longer
THAT person,
is me.

Little ol’ me.

I am weary from the journey so far,
but what choice do I have
other than to continue on?

although tempting sometimes,
really isn’t a solution.

I’ve know that truth for a long time.

However, I am genuinely tired
from all the therapy
and introspection
and thinking.



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