Bottom of the Valley


When I lost my house after my breakdown, I believed that I had reached the lowest point in my life.

I had lost my home (and fifteen years worth of saving and investment),
I no longer had a career (or income),
I was single after leaving an abusive relationship
and I was suffering from fairly severe clinical depression.

That was five years ago and,
my life has become considerably worse since then.


I have the distinct feeling that I have reached the bottom of the valley – when it comes to life’s journey.

Look at it this way . . .

. . . if you use landscape as an analogy for LIFE,

roads, trees, hills, rivers, pastures, valleys, fences, bridges, plateaus, etc

, then I have just spent a LONG time (anywhere between 32 or 7 years)
climbing a series of hills and then mountains
in a range that was ever changing.
What would appear to be a final peak,
would in fact be the first in a series of mountain tops.
The horizon never came closer,
it only stretched before me.


I have reached what seemed like just another pinnacle,
only to discover that it is in fact the final mountaintop that I had to scale.
I see before me a rich valley,
colour and light
and sweet smells
and joyful sounds.

Life is bountiful and full of potential.


Only a day before,
I believed that I was climbing a mountain
that once I reached the top of,
I would be greeted with the sight of yet another peak in the foreground.

But “No”,
instead I have been gifted with an opportunity I previously believed
was no longer available to me.

That would forever be out of my reach.

A bountiful future,
where not only would I be immersed in beauty and wonder and happiness
but also a place
where I could CHOOSE my own path.

The Roller Coaster of Life, people!

We’re all on it.

It appears, I have finally learnt how to enjoy riding it!


By-the-bye . . .

I had the most vivid and utterly bizarre dream overnight.
I can still remember much of it’s detail.

I was the sole ‘being’ able to control the structure of the universe.
Every person on Earth, was seen to me
as a translucent tablet
about the size of a box of chocolates.

Each person was a different translucent colour,
but inside the tablets were a series of digits and shapes
and these images were the ‘makeup’ of each person.

I was able to delete any or all elements within these tablets
to change the personality and fate of each person,
and was therefore in control of
the future of Humanity
and the Earth.

By the end of my dream
I had rid the world of every ‘negative’ element
that was housed in each person’s tablet,
effectively ridding the world of
negative human behaviour.

Pretty awesome, huh?


Quite by accident, I saw this video on the ABC this afternoon.

I own two of Shaun Tan’s picture books.

I didn’t know he had collaborated to turn one of them into a Short Film . . .



Funny thing is – I loved the book, as it reminded me to
NEVER to stop looking for ‘the lost’,
as it is ‘they’ who build
a life
of colour
and light.


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