How Should I Feel?


Well the worst is over. I have survived Christmas.

It sucked and it was boring and extremely disappointing.

But it’s over!


I carry a nagging feeling that I am not where I am suppose to be.
That I am not filling my potential and not living as BIG as I should be.

It’s an ever-present sensation and I jolly well wish I could pinpoint the mechanism for a solution.
Dammit – it would be mighty helpful if I could.

I filled the shoes of the “Dutiful Daughter” this past week,
and although it is tiring
I have fallen into the well worn pattern (too) easily.

I have also completed the mission of closing my beloved Purple Paper House.
The shop is shut and I am now making plans to ‘move on’.

I have also started culling the previous existence
I have insisted on retaining
contained within the crumbling boxes
and chipped plastic crates
all over my house.
Inside and out!

I am doing what is sensible
and practical
and acceptable.

And once it is done?

I will be unburdened and I think it may be the precursor to a change.

Please, please, please – Universe . . . make it a good change.

I really deserve it.



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