Hunger Games vs Fifty Shades of Grey


Now, I think it is well established that I believe that sexism is still rife in our culture and our age.


I fear that there are so many negative (& sexist) elements that our children are exposed to,
that teach them ways to ‘behave’ towards each other and people they are yet to meet.

As a specific example, please let me compare two hugely popular book titles (trilogies, actually)
released in the past year or so.

“Fifty Shade of Grey”


“Hunger Games”

Both claim to depict the main female characters as being ‘sane’ and intelligent. i.e. normal (sic)
Both have been HUGELY popular with young women IRL.

One portrays the female protagonist as strong, rational, caring, intelligent and pragmatic.

The second, portrays the female protagonist as virginal, passive, weak, self deprecating and irrational.

Which one would you like your daughter to read?

If Christian Grey looked like this,
would the novel be so popular?

Objectively, “Fifty Shades of Grey” is just a novel.
But does it transcend into cultural commentary when it becomes so grossly consumed?

Will it eventually have a negative impact on the next generation or two and how they treat
* unwanted sexual attention
* physical beauty in the opposite sex
* a young woman’s right to speak like an intelligent human being rather than like a piece of belly button fluff?

If, like me, you feel that “Fifty Shades of Grey”, is just an exercise in dumbing-down a generation of women
then please
go read this hilarious review by the wonderfully pithy Katrina Lumsden.

Maybe print it out and take it to the toilet to read . . . you may wet yourself from laughing so hard.

If you think I am full of shit and “Fisty Shades of Grey” is just harmful ‘Mummy Porn’, then I suspect you wouldn’t be reading my blog anyway.
HOWEVER – if you have stayed the distance then, gotta say, love your work!
Thanks for reading. xox

Love you either way!


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  1. I SO agree! I don’t understand how the same women who argue so passionately for womens rights are reading this book and telling their friends to read it? And I know they’re getting off on it because they say so. So do they secretly have domination fantasies?
    Do. Not. Get. It.

  2. Thank you Toni. SO much.

    I feel so disappointed that this set of novels has made so much money because of so many sales. Nothing against the author – it’s just that this novel argues AGAINST the rights and intelligence of women . . . and it’s women who are espousing it as a ‘must read’.

    It’s so depressing.

  3. Well its like Saying Bella from twihard is a good role model because she waited till marriage before she had sex. She is always waiting around to be rescued. Hermione on the other hand is smart, courageous and kick butt. Same principle funny though I will not read twilight and I wont be reading 50 shades. I heard enough about them both to know I would rather read Agent Angel (now there is a good girl role model) The Paper Bag Princess or the ordinary princess or countless other books. I get your point Pia, you know its like TV shows and stuff that they dumb down and as such it dumb’s down our culture. A bit sad really.

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