Can We Talk?


Me: “Good morning —. Can I ask if you would have a civil ‘off the record’ conversation with me for five minutes?”

Them: “Umm. Well. Umm. I think. I think I’ll have to ask Perth”


Me: “No worries. Thanks for your time. Bye”

Them: “Umm. Bye.”



One of the coolest elements of having a blog, is the exposure you get to a wider conscience.
Laid bare in front of you are the opinions and thoughts and emotions and creative hands of a multitude of souls.
From people who think and care and dream and do – EVER DAY of their lives.

It’s so totally awesome.

Want to know what I’m talking about?
Check out these legends . . .

Mrs Woog – She’s irreverent and saucy

Georgia – She talks about life as a Mum of an autistic child

Sweet Revelations – Life in photos (truly beautiful)

Jenn – she’s a Doctor at a busy hospital, has three children, a husband & a need to write

Toni – She’s got a wicked sense of humour and talks about everything

Tif – a slightly odd, but totally wicked lady who just loves kitsch and retro

Kelly Rae – an artistic gal with unbelievable hutzpah!

Ikea Hackers – ’cause it’s cool

Mariek Hardy – yep! THE Marieke Hardy

Allison – a survivor of epic proportions and all-round optimist

Melissa – writing to her deceased and beloved Mum via a blog

Young House Love – You will NOT believe how cool this couple is. Seriously!

Blogging is definitely a notion of the 21st Century.
Who knows how long it will last, but while it is here I intend to utilise it’s wisdom, humour and general views on life, completely to heart.

It is enriching!


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