R U OK? . . .


Hell yeah!

Despite the totally black thoughts I have had in the last 48 hours,
after being targeted by a bully and then losing my wonderful job working with a bus load of unreal ‘short people’,
I feel totally good!

All day I have been planning to write a post that waffled on about all the little good things
and one whopping bad-turned-good thing,


I want to write a post about this . . . 

You all know I have my online heroes.
Bloody awesome women – they totally rock!

And yesterday, although I didn’t read it until today,
the gorgeous Eden Riley wrote about

have been written
or even just existed
at a more appropriate time in my year.

so GO!

Go look at the awesome post.
If for nothing else
just to see the clip
(see link below).

Laughed my head off

Korean Rapper

WARNING! Have tissue ready.
You will laugh so hard you will cry 😉

PSY – you are a bonefied legend!
Thank you!


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