Spinning Around


When the rug gets pulled out from under you and you find yourself on your ass in the dust – what do you do?

Let’s face it! Life sucks. Plenty of stuff happens to us ALL.
Some of it bad.
Some of it REALLY bad.

So today, when I should have been on the Autistic Bus with my gorgeous Autistic and non-autistic kids,
I found myself at a loss.

What exactly am I suppose to do now?

For periods of last night and today, the world has spun in and out of focus.

The phone.
Feeding my boys.
Eating something.
Drinking water.
Hanging out the washing.

I had to do things that took my focus away from the reality of the bad that was done to me.

The narcissism.
The spite.
The grudge.

So, little by little, I will do the things that stop the spinning and give me back control.

And maybe
just maybe
part of the solution will entail the
consumption of chocolate 😉


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