The Bully Wins Again


You know how Hollywood rips us off, every time they publish one of their RomComs?
Making society hope/believe that there one-true-love out there for everyone.
I think they also do us an injustice every time they make one of those ‘fight for the underdog’ movies.

Because let’s face it – the underdog loses IRL.

Bullies in our society are way too versed in manipulation, to ever lose.
They know what threats to make to get their way.

So if a big angry bear comes charging over the bridge at the previously brave den of dogs,
raised on it’s hind legs, paws raised and roaring . . . .

. . . you better believe that those (soft)cocker spaniels
are going to run home with their tails between their legs.

Leaving behind the one brave dog to fight on her own,
whom the den had previously promised to
believe in
to stand by
to support.

Because that is the right thing to do.
Until the terrifying and blood-thirsty bear comes along, that is.

“Those teeth are sharp, man!”

“And those claws”


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      • I am so sorry to hear about the outcome of this. Betting they will soon be missing all your hard work and energy. It seems to have been the day for crappy things to happen I have had a hell of a one. Lots of Hugs and remember you did not actually do anything wrong!!!

  1. I am apalled at you Pia that your site and blog can be so derogatory toward special needs children and actual normal children . Children being the main objective here,I think that you are obviously the child and you are desperately in need if special care as I feel these children need protection from someone like you having read your former blogs !!! You are one sick woman !!!

    • Wow Barbara – that’s definitely the strongest reaction I’ve ever had to a post.

      But I have to ask, exactly what do you find offensive? My criticism of bullies “The Bully Wins Again”, or my discussion about carrots “I Always Meant To”, or sexism “It’s Ugly on My High Horse”/”Tits Anyone” or awesome redheads “Ranga’s Rule” or binge drinking “And They Wonder Why” or depression “I am Cresting in an Existential Crisis” or cancer “Jack the Dancer”?

      If I AM derogatory towards ANY child (with or without special needs) then I want to know. Please – tell me. Where do I say that I think LESS of a child with a special needs?

      I love children dearly and I have to wonder that with the vehemence in your tone, perhaps you are facing some demons of your own and something I have written has triggered a negative response in you.

      I would be more than happy to discuss this with you, if you care to.

      • You actually list all of the offensive events and ask me to choose one !!!!! That in itself says alot !!!
        I would like to know what this child or two children as you say did ,that was so bad that THEY finish up in tears and their mother their protector feels the need to have to approach a special needs carer to confront her as to why her child is upset and to hear you refer to the poor bus driver as pathetic crossed out!!!!! Leaves many a doubt in my mind as to your state of mind !!!

  2. Isn’t the trouble you’ve already caused enough for you, Barbara? I’m sure that, as an obvious expert on bullying, you’re aware that following someone to their own blog and harrassing them there is considered to be pretty low and possibly bordering on illegal. Why not just let it go now?

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