Stranger In Town


Yesterday I took my boys for walk at one of our many awesome parks – don’t worry it’ll be gone soon as we make room for upscale accommodation, because let’s face it grass on it’s own has no real value in our society does it?

I walked across the green patch and as I’m walking away a jack russell turned up next to us. And then it’s owner. A guy in his late 40’s with a heavy jacket on, open to his navel and nothing underneath! He also had a pirate earring. Very sexy.

His female dog was narky and did not like the attention of my boys, you know – butt sniffing and the like!

The “sexy man” and his pooch had appeared from a ute parked on the other side of the park from where I had come from. It had Queensland plates. He was a traveller. Someone possibly working his way around our awesome country. Stopping here and there. Meeting people and experiencing life.

He needed to let his dog in on the idea.

He recognized my dogs’ breed (bichon friese) which most people don’t. He obviously wanted a chat but I think you can guess I was NOT in the mood.

In fact, if I’m being honest with myself, I don’t like ‘meeting’ people anymore. This man obviously just wanted a chat, to share a story, but I can’t do that anymore.

Umm arr! You grumpy bitch.

I use to LOVE meeting folks. Just for a chat or sometimes a drink, or a meal or a night out. Or whatever.

I think I may be too middle aged. Oh dread. When did that happen?

Now I was looking for a polite manner in which to run away! He even followed me to another section of the park. Not in a creepy way. He started up another conversation and I talked for a bit, his dog growled and snapped at my boys a few more times.

Then I bailed. If I was a dog, my tail would NOT have been wagging!

Has this happened to you? The change from social to introvert? It’s not a bad thing – is it?


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  1. Sometimes its just mood. Though I have noticed my ability for small talk is extremely limited these days, I also suffer fools far less gladly than I ever have before. Not sure that helps. I still have days where I love to chat to strangers as such but not like I used to often I find it more of a tedious chore tbh.

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