I Always Meant To


One of the outcomes that I wanted from this blog,
was to verbalize and record all the positive little elements that pop into my daily life.


But I seem to have missed the memo!

In truth I get put off because uploading photos is the biggest bitch of publishing my posts.
It takes FOREVER.

I am using this as the reasoning as to why I have failed to write about my chirpy snippets.

So today – I change that.


On my afternoon travels on the Autistic Bus, I usually bring some extra food for my charges.

MrL would eat 24/7 if he could,
and I’m not sure MissB wouldn’t do the same.

Most often I pack a 1/2 kilo of small carrots.
It means I can nibble on something non-fattening too.

In the last couple of weeks, my little bag of carrots has also been feeding the non-autistic kids.
Even some of the Yr 8’s have asked for one.

I started carrying two bags.

Then last week, one of the Yr 8 girls brought on board a bag of carrots.
On the sly, she handed them out to all the other Yr 8’s on the bus,
then in chorused sang out “Pia”.

This is what I saw when I turned around . . .

Absolutely Classic!!!

I laughed for 20 minutes!


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