State of Indifference


If I were to be given an opportunity to be financially free and do whatever made me happy, the decision would be easy – and quick.

I would find a 100 acre block of land ‘out bush’ that had an average rainfall of 200mm p/a and I would build my dream home.

I would then set up my business breaking my time up between the two. I would blog. I would sell online. I would be philanthropic.

I would have a monthly shop in the city for food stuff, but on the whole I would be self sufficient.

I would have an enclosed orchard that also housed guinea fowl and chickens.

I would have seven decent sized vege plots that were rotated annually.

I would have a five cows and one bull, with one of the girls pregnant each year. I would also research how to ethically breed them to continue this.

I would do the same with some sheep.

I would always have my dogs. Always.

I would spend hours and hours writing on the Interweb (as the beloved Dr Karl likes to call it), inspersed with hours on my land.

I would rarely leave.

I would write often to my few loved ones.

I would have little to do with real people, because on the whole – they suck!


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