I have been so sick this week.
A bug I was inadvertently given by a work experience student.

A disgusting cough that made me sound like a 2-pack-a-day smoker
+ green slime oozing from my brain via my nose
+ a temperature
+ a bloody painful earache.

On my one day off (today) I was determined not to feel sick.
I needed rest
but I also needed a break.

So I sat on the front lawn and dug out pre-prickle weeds.
You know the little buggars that make your lawn look like a public school oval,
but worse still they’re hiding a nasty little surprise ready for shoeless summer days?!?

I put on a daggy hat, threw off my shoes and worked on a 1 x 5m strip of grass.
I stretched my leg muscles and did some yoga positions.
It felt soooooo good.

Except for the stares.

I live on the main street in Busselton and my house is Purple,
so it’s hard to avoid the glances.

Except . . . .

. . . . is it really so strange to see someone pulling weeds out of their lawn?

Am I the only person in mainstream society who doesn’t resort to chemical control?
Am I that weird?


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