It’s Ugly on My High Horse


Nothing to look at here!

I will NOT allow myself to lust over Channing Tatum!
It shits me to tears that I find his muscled body and slightly imperfect face salivating attractive.

sigh . . .

It falls right into the category of using sex to control the masses
(while this is much for satisfying than the use of fear to control us – it’s still not okay).


It’s one thing to appreciate form and beauty
but it’s another to force a whole generation of young male actors
to strip so that they can build a career.

Doesn’t that make us as women – perverts?!?


I don’t want to be a perv!
But if I don’t appreciate the ‘view’
then it’s going to continue to be a very
unattractive view from atop my High Horse.







Disgusting isn’t it?!?

I could NOT load any more images as I was
seriously having lustful thoughts
feeling quite disgusted at the exploitation.

No really – I was!

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