Smack Pull Spit!


There are very few negatives about the Autistic Bus.
Well maybe the 5am start with 6pm finish. Blech!

And maybe the only other real negative, is when MrL gets hyper and starts whacking me in the scone,
pulling my hair and spitting on me.
Gross, man!

However, increasingly, my three little charges are becoming more and more wonderful.
More gorgeous to be around for three hours each day.

For instance, MrL who initially constantly yet now decreasingly, HATED being touched.
I always got a punch in the snozz if I tried to hold his hand.
He insists on holding my hand almost the whole trip
AND he has started asking** for me to stroke his face.
I don’t question it – I just do it!

And MissB? MissB does NOT like to told what to do.
Especially if it something that she does not want to do.
Tantrums, pulling faces, ignoring me, throwing things . . . I use to see it all.
Now I get smiles, discussions** about rainbows and cows,
singing “Incy Whincy Spider”, reading books, following instructions,
holding my hand when we get off the bus, and more.

Again – I don’t ask why, I just thank my lucky stars.

And finally gorgeous MissP?
Although this is just my opinion,
I believe that MissP is the most intelligent of my three munchkins.
The least communicative and outwardly cogniscent,
I ‘feel’ MissP listening and looking and taking it all in?
She has recurring physical issues including a digestive system that is trying to sabotage the rest of her body,
but remains positive and bubbly.
I dare say that this is due in no small part to her amazing Mum – R.

That’s not to say that I don’t find all the parents loving and generous and incredible.
I definitely do.
It would take the patience of an entity
crossed between Mother Theresa, Saint Valentine & an angel
to be the carers that I see twice each day.

Their goodness and value to our society is immeasurable.
Truly immeasurable.


Oh . . .  I saw this photo on the way to the AB this afternoon
and had to stop and take photo with my phone.

I laughed out aloud when I read it.

What a kook I am!

Can you see what made me laugh?

Can you see now?


** None of my autistic charges are able to talk. they can all vocalise with grunts and squeals, but not one of them is able to speak.
When I talk with them I need to use many visual clues to gather what their intent is – I’m not always successful, but we all plug away just the same 🙂


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