Woulda Coulda Shoulda


I have been salivating over Mrs Woogs and Eden’s adventure in the Big Apple while attending Blogher 2012.

Today Eden commented on the importance of stretching your coping mechanisms, and just opening up. Inviting eye contact, speaking to strangers, asking questions, saying “yes” to an invitation to share a meal.

I know she was talking abut herself (sorry – slightly redundant statement!) but she may as well have been talking about me.

Because I have changed so dramatically in my life, that where once I regularly use to ‘invite friendships’, I now actively dissuade them. I just cannot risk hurting my heart one more time.

But Eden tells me I have to. Mrs Woogs shows me how to.

But I don’t want to!

Ultimately I question whether I will one day regret not having been braver, like Eden, and say to myself . . .

“I would have. I could have. I should have!”


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  1. Hugs Pia I have been in the same boat, why make new friends or keep reaching out when the ones I have had have turned out to be horrid in some ways or just end up ditching me. Don’t forget you have a community of people who genuinely love and care about and miss you!!! Just take it a step at a time and remember that it is always darkest before the dawn.

    Wish I was closer or able to help more. I so understand where you are comming from

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