Jack the Dancer


I’ve never had someone close to me be stricken with Cancer.
Amazing isn’t it?
My family is riddled with mental illness,
but somehow we avoided heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc, etc.

I count myself VERY lucky.

But today I was told that someone who I have only know for a few months (4?) has Breast Cancer.
And I’m shocked.

I know exactly what I would do if I was diagnosed with this disease,
but my life has been a struggle from aged 10
– my solution is not everyone’s solution.
Probably very few people’s solution, truth be told.

But that doesn’t help my girlfriend.

I wish I could give her a hug.
Simply that.
But I can’t.
She lives about 2800 kilometres away, so it’s not really that possible.

I have sent her a message
and our little circle of friends has rallied behind her,
in the few short hours since we were told,
but . . .

Despite all of this.
Despite her loving and supportive family.
Despite her strong and longterm friendships.

She is about to face a battle at which times, she will be on her own.

Times when not one of us will be able to be get close enough to ease the burden or pain or fear.

This is life!
I love you Laraine.

I will do ALL that I can.
All that you ask.

Please ask! 

Every donation helps heal a life.
Survivors and loved ones!


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  1. Pia, We are blessed with Jelly Beans. The news has shaken us all. The fact that she has such a huge support network will go a long way. And your blog post is spot on in every way. Lots of hugs you Amazing woman

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