I Don’t Have To Wait Until I Die


I have always had provision in my will to donate a percentage of whatever monies remain after my death, to be donated to children-based organisations + a couple of doggie ones.

One of those is LEARN. A group based here in Western Australia.


A group that I discovered today is at real risk of closing unless something major happens TODAY.


By time time Monday 28th May turns over to Tuesday 29th May, if the group hasn’t raised a mere $300K,
they will be closed down.

This decision is made by a government where the leader, our esteemed Premier Colin Barnett,
is spending $80 MILLION dollars of preserving an old building, Hale House,
that HE will then use as his office. NB

PLEASE . . .
Can you donate $10?

It may be the difference between an autistic child and their entire family living a real life despite autism
just trying to exist due to lack of support and programs designed to enable autism affected families.

Email your pledge here (openthedoorsoflearn@gmail.com)
and then email

tool #1

Helen Morton – Minister for Mental Health; Disabilities

(minister.morton@dpc.wa.gov.au &/or helen.morton@mp.wa.gov.au)

tool #2

Colin Barnett – Premier & Minister for State Development


and tell them you know about their appalling lack of community awareness and their self-appreciating greed.

Don’t forget to tell them of ANY positive interactions you have had with an autistic child –
just to remind them that this issue isn’t about money . . .
. . . . . It’s about children!!!

Thank you do much for your help, peeps.

Read more information about this ridiculous situation here at Snowball Effect.

NB All government information on this project states that the project will cost $25million, however the updated figure they were forced to publish is past $80M. I am looking for a link to prove this data!


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