Tomorrow is my youngest sister’s birthday. Something I won’t be celebrating – not because I’m a bitch but rather because she’s a related acquaintance who I would not choose to spend time with if she were in fact NOT a related acquaintance.

Clear as mud?

Any hoo,  I was trying to think of the wording of the card I may send her.

“Salutations on the celebration of your last year in your 30’s”

“May you enjoy the last birthday in your 30’s”

“Many happy returns for the last year in your 30’s”

You can see where I’m heading with this!?!
And may I reiterate – I am NOT a bitch

And then I thought how much I would delight in finishing the card with “LIGAF”.
Which if asked to translate, I would define as; “Life is going awfully fast!”,
when it in fact means; “Like I give a fuck!”

Do you dare me to send it?

. . . . .

Maybe I am a bitch, after all ; )


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