One Of Those Days


I had one of those days today – you know the ones where everything is totally awesome
and you seem to have energy from some reservoir and you can totally do everything on the list? 

Which you know I absolutely did not do!

And it all started with a decent night’s sleep – not a great one, just decent.

It’s the first night in ages that I haven’t woken myself up crying or crying out from an emotionally terrifying nightmare.

So I got up and felt, okay.
And I jumped on the Autistic Bus and although I had my scary driver, I was okay.

Then I came home and got my chainsaw
and went and filled up the car and the gerry can with fuel +oil (for chainsaw)
and headed ‘bush’.

I found all the neat and dry wood that I had stacked at the end of last winter,
just waiting for me to start cutting and transporting.

Then I spent an hour flooding my chainsaw and not cutting even a splinter.
Oh well.
I stacked the back of the BeepBeep with a pile of sticks and thickish branches to get me through to Saturday.

On the way home I dropped the chainsaw off to get the damn thing started (de-flooded) and the chain sharpened.

As I pulled into the carport, I reversed in so that I could unload the wood.
After I did this, I washed out the new (secondhand) wood box that I bought at a garage sale 3 months ago (for $5).
I unloaded the wood, then got the vacuum cleaner out and proceeded to vacuum the hatch section of the BeepBeep.

This took 75 minutes.
Can you guess why?

I racked my brain trying to remember the last time I had even done this . . . wanna know?!?

At least three and a half years ago. At least!

After that I did a load of washing, grabbed my bib ‘n bobs for the afternoon shift of the Autistic Bus and headed back out.

At the bus depot I washed the windscreen and drivers window of the BeepBeep,
as I had 1/2 hour to spare.

Then this, then that, and some more of this happened and it’s now 9:45pm and I’m knackered
but I can’t believe what a totally productive and awesome day I’ve had.

Imagine what I’ll be like tomorrow if I get a good night of sleep again tonight.

Watch out world ; )

You know that ISN’T me, right?!?


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