It’s Eden’s Fault!


Now that title may not seem very sporting of me, but, it’s true.

Eden Riley is a shit-stirrer of mammoth proportions
and I LOVE her for it.
If you remember I mentioned her along along with my other Heroes here.

And because of her, my dam walls have burst.
Wide open.

As I’ve mentioned in the last few days, my depression is over-powering at the moment.
I am drowning in reality and life’s pain. ***

I am still being very creative,
I am still working on the Autistic Bus,
I am still blogging
and I am leaving the house each day.

I cannot meet eyes with anyone,
I cannot pretend to laugh (like normal),
I cannot hold my ‘mask’ in place anymore.

It’s just too hard!

So this puts me in a precarious position . . . here on my blog.
Do I pretend or do I blurt the truth?

Do I hold my tongue and just continue to wade my way through my depression?

Do I tighten the elastic on my mask and just keep smiling?

What would Eden tell me to do?

Blurt out my sorrow, or adjust my mask?
What would she suggest?


So, here goes . . . .

I am tired of living in this world. Not in a ‘suicide’ kind of way,
just the general exhaustion from living with and around
numb nuts, morons & slack-asses.

I am tired of living in a society where we spend more energy complaining than we do do ‘fixing’.

I am tired of intelligent people being so stupid.
Seriously  – how can something/everything  you see in print (online & hard copy) be true?

I am tired of people repeating an opinion simply because they admire/like the source. Good people can make mistakes. They can also lie!

I am tired of people not making effort. I’m tired of them being lazy.
Of not fighting for what they believe in, because it takes effort to make change.
Democracy is not free – you must fight for it!

I am tired of the monumental fuckwits who get injured because they didn’t look or didn’t think,
and now they are going to sue.
And these fuckers then win! Fuck.

The laws are already in place to protect worker safety, and child safety, and road users, and, and, and. . . . .

Just get rid of the legislation that allows the morons to prosper.
Let Natural Selection work for a change.

God, please. Please, please.

So that’s it.
That’s my rant. My blurt. My verbal heave.

If you’ve read all the way to the bottom – to this point – THANK YOU.


*** Be sure to take note that having depression does not mean feeling sorry for oneself.


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