Human vs Humanity


I have always felt a great discomfort that the word human is within the word humanity. I feel so strongly
that these two words are at odds.

So often my depression is misconstrued as being self-indulgent.
That I am merely feeling sorry for myself.

And alright, sometimes I do shed a tear about my own existence . . .

. . . but in all honesty my greatest pain, the real sadness that is in my soul comes from
the lack of humanity on this earth.
The cruelty, jealousy, prejudice, hatred, intolerance, bigotry and utter lack of humanity.

My heart swells to the point of choking my throat, when I witness this behaviour.

But more than this. I feel a physical weight bear down on me when I witness the
ill-treatment of those
who stand up for
or fight
or try to change
this lack of humanity.

Those who are prepared to do what is right.
To do what is the honourable.
What is just.

Honourable & Just

My heart and soul suffer from bearing witness to this grievous injustice,
and this is the true source of my depression.

Image Source: CCSPS-SP


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