I’m not a believer


Although I attended church until I was about 18, and was even a Sunday School teacher for a while, I now have to profess to be a complete and utter atheist. That’s not to say that I believe that humans are the closest thing to magic, miracles or divinity. I certainly believe that there is other ‘stuff’ out in the universe, I just don’t believe that it has a hand in our ‘being’.

But enough of that – my point is actually to mention that I had my heart broken 9 days ago, and yesterday my body shut down. Comprehensively. I ached, I lay down, I woke up at 4pm today.

OK – I did get up to go have a tinkle and glass of water if you’re going to be pedantic!

So it poses an interesting conundrum to my non-believing persona . . . .

Did my mind shut me down? Did it know that I needed time out so it just zapped my energy? Did my soul simply seep some sort of psychy to my muscles, instructing them to desist? (WOW – talk about a tongue twister. Try saying that with a mouth full of crackers)

Hmmmm. Me wonders!


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