The end of the Rainbow


On Friday morning I saw my first rainbow for 2012. And it was HUGE and so bright and a full semi-circle. It gave me such bliss. I smiled as soon as I saw it, and immediately commented on it to my travelling companion (Doug – the bus driver).

You know that feeling when something so simple, just rushes into your marrow? It’s joy is so pure that words are immaterial and just smiling is communication enough?

Well I felt that, and experienced that. On Friday morning.

And I mention this now, today, as I have just discovered that a man, 10 years my junior, a father, husband, businessman, brother, friend and good person, died yesterday – on Saturday. He was diving with his brother off one of our beautiful beaches, and he was bitten by a shark. And his brother pulled him into their vessel and tried to save him. And the others in their dive team, steered to shore and called for help and tried in vain to get him to medical aid. And he still died.

I knew this man. He was an ethical man. I did not know him well. This story is not about my grief. It is not about me. It is about him – and those who loved him.

I mention his death as an afterthought to my first 2012 rainbow.

Pure joy and tragedy. In the space of 24 hours. Yin & yang.

I’m sorry Gian. I’m sorry Brendan & Margaret. I’m sorry Debra.
I’m sorry for Peter’s passing.
I’m sorry he’s gone.

I wish there was more I could say.
I really do.


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