What does family mean?



Over time my ‘feeling’ of the term FAMILY has altered. It has seriously swayed between the most positive of terms and the most negative! And in reality I probably don’t even have just the one definition.

However, there is one element that I believe is fundamental to the term FAMILY:


In all it’s forms, this one word epitomises the essence of FAMILY.

And I’ve formed this definition from the total LACK of connection in my own family.

Don’t get me wrong, although I have periods of time where this hurts, in general I am able to make this observation, objectively. It is, what it is! My family has little or no connection.

Does this have repercussions?

You betcha baby!

However I despair at my own and my mum’s pain due to this DISconnection, my greatest concern is for my cherished nephews. How can my two extremely intelligent sisters (and their equally intelligent husbands) not see the real risk that they place their sons in? How can they not set aside their personal ‘issues’ to ensure that their sons have healthy relationships as they grow into teenagers and then young men?

I am no sage. I am not a particularly wise person.However, even I can see the likelihood of damage and pain that my sweet-natured nephews are at risk of suffering.

What am I going to do?


I keep trying.

  • I try to contact me nephews by phone mail and good old fashioned snail mail.
  • I try extremely hard not to judge my sisters. 
  • I watch my temper when they behave like utter cows/moles/bitches/selfish heartless trolls. 
  • I call my nephews  on their birthdays. 
  • I invite them to visit me. 
  • I do all that I can to encourage a relationship between my nephews and their Ouma. 
  • I try to temper my mum’s overreactions with some objectivity.
  • I remember that to maintain a strong and positive connection, is difficult in all realms of science, especially humanity.
Wish me luck, won’t you!!!


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