Families Suck!


Riddle me this . . . is any family perfect?

“No!” you say?
Well how about that.

Here I was under the illusion that to have any contact with your family requires that
all family members behave in a friendly, supportive and non-judgemental manner

No wait! That’s not how I think . . . .that’s how my sisters think. No wonder there’s a problem here.

I have learnt from much pain and suffering that noone is perfect and that to judge someone
is witless and narrow minded (no judgement in that statement – ha!).

In my experience, families provide the most fertile ground for bitching, hatred, animosity, betrayal,
ignorance and judgementalism. And yet I still want to ‘have’ my family.

Seriously, how witless does that make me?

I dearly wish that my sisters could see just how much negative behaviour they are exposing their sons to
(my beloved nephews). If only they could see, objectively, their own behaviour. I don’t care that
they’re a pair of moo moos constantly putting me down and bullying me, I can ignore it (now),
but excluding each other and their own mother and ME is not healthy.

Why can’t they see dammit?

It'd be funny if it wasn't true.


Now THIS is a dysfunctional family - and they seem to get along. At least for the family photo.

Source 1: Yahoo Images search – dysfunctional families

Source 2: Dysfunctional Family Greetings

Source 3: Those Funny Pictures


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